About Bruce MacInnes

Bruce has been professionally coaching racing drivers for over 30 years. As Senior Instructor at The Skip Barber Racing School, Bruce's credentials include two National Championships, 18 lap records, Formula Magazine’s "Driver of the Year" twice, and winning Lime Rock's Can-Am in a Lola T-333 Chevy (in the rain).

He is uniquely qualified to coach drivers at any level of Racing. MacInnes has helped thousands of racers including such high profile drivers as Paul Newman, Tom Cruise. Boris Said, AJ Allmendinger, Kenny Schrader, and Jerry Nadeau. His depth and understanding of the skills of driving is unparalleled and he has wrtiten numerous articles as well helping write the books on going faster. Bruce brings a love of racing, a passion for coaching, and a genuine concern for his students to our Sport. He is commited to helping every student achieve progress. Recently Bruce has enjoyed succes coaching several of America's best vintage racing teams.

Bruce lives in Sheffield Massachusetts and is a Mentor for the Berkshire Coalition Youth Project. He is an avid Sport Pilot, enjoys flying his homebuilt Vans RV-4 and driving his Sterling GT kit car in his spare time. Current projects include a fuel-efficient, Tri-Magnum Three-Wheeled Car.

Sterling GT with Mazda 13-B Rotary Engine
Tri-Magnum Three-Wheeled Car